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Author: Kalynn Cheyney

Responsible Call to Action: Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January 11th, 2022 by Dr. (Karen) Irene Countryman-Roswurm, Kalynn Cheyney, and Allison Farres Fostering Courageous Conversations and Humble Curiosity This January, we encourage you to foster humble curiosity, courageous conversations, and critical thinking as you explore your role in addressing abuse and exploitation. Human Trafficking Awareness Month is a time for professionals and community members alike to think about how they can make the biggest impact in this anti-trafficking Movement. When you look deeper at the anti-trafficking field, you will begin to understand it is not homogeneous. Rather, it is a reflection of a wide range of views, values, and opinions of how to approach this work. At CCHT, we have emphasized holistic healing rather than short-term technical solutions, like “rescue” and “sting operations.” We believe anti-trafficking efforts must address underlying systemic and cultural issues that fuel trafficking. Our main concerns have been communicated through several questions: What happens after the rescue? What resources, organizations, and support are available to survivors? How will the law help survivors and how can it hurt them? With that said, we recognize the importance of collaboration and the value in leveraging each moment. Each news story, documentary, or viral post has a big reach that many people will see. Our hope is that you take what you’ve learned from us at CCHT and apply it here. Do not settle and remain “shocked” or...

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